3M Professional maintenance service is designed to upgrade your marble to be glossy enough, more natural, and durable and slip resistance.

3M Crystallization Treatment Service

3M Crystallization chemicals contain no wax. So that, the marble can keeps its natural appearance and would not be airtight by wax. After the treatment, marble surface will be protected by a transparent and natural shield. It enhances marble natural brightness; has dirt prevention, durable and slip resistance functions. Your marble can keep looking good longer.

3M Marble Polishing Treatment Service

3M high quality marble crystallization chemical makes marble refract transparent and durable. Under the high-speed polishing treatment, it enhances protectiveness of the marble surface. High-class and vivid appearance will also be presented.

3M Marble Wash and Wax Service

3M chemicals protect the surface against scratching and prevent it from dirt. Marble could be durable and keeping good hygiene longer.