3M Scotchgard Carpet /Upholstery Protector are the well-known 3M's Innovation in cleaning protector over decades. It has been proved that Scotchgard is effective and high quality protector which is a colorless and odorless chemical. After the treatment, there is a transparent barrier to protect the fiber from dust, soil and spills. The barrier is not harmful to the original color, texture and softness of your carpet or furniture. The dirt will stay on the surface of the fibers and would not penetrate the fibers. It can be easily wiped away without any remaining.

3M ScotchgardTM Carpet Protector Treatment

Without Scotchgard™
Protector Treatment

With Scotchgard™
Protector Treatment

Scotchgard™ Upholstery Protector Treatment

Your high-class carpet/ upholstery will be:
  • Keeping Fresh Look and Prestige Image
  • More Durable and Cost Effective
  • Enhancing Dirt Resistance
  • Ease for Maintenance
  • Less Future Trouble